Online Video Lessons


MyECO Online English learning platform provides you a very exclusive method in learning English and gives you the opportunity for improving your English.

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Specific fundamental structures are explained with a clear, compact and plain narration in our video lessons.

These narrations that are supported by a lot of activities and questions teach you the structures that you learn in a way you won't ever forget.

Activities are arranged in an "immersive system". It means that you will see an activity related to a structure that you have learnt before in the following periods, again.

Some structures you will see in subsequent units will show up in the previous activities, too. In this way, your mind will be prepared for the upcoming subjects.

With the questions you will study, you will learn a lot of words and their areas of use, permenantly.

In your self-studies, the fact that you may get help from an audio dictionary that we provided you on your panel will increase the quality of your progress. By this way, you can learn words with correct pronunciation.

With "listening" activities, you can improve your English listening skill and with sentence completion activities, you can form a strong basis of "writing", enhancing your writing skill.

MyECO adopts a well-controlled training standard that teaches by making the learner solve lots of questions, and comprises repetitive activities which will prevent you from forgetting the structures and the words you learnt.

Recording of listening activities have been performed by American and English teachers. You will have learnt both forms of pronunciation that way.

You can study on MyECO platform individually, as a "Self-Study", or, you can use it in company with a teacher, in classroom environment. Our system has been designed as available to use in the classroom environment.

MyECO doesn't consist of video lessons only. It provides you a great method of natural learning with LIVE ONLINE ENGLISH lessons. In this way, you can take real online lessons and improve your practical speaking experience.

You can also make contact and share information with people learning English like you, on MyECO Social Network.