Legal English Course
Legal English Course - Shared on Candelas International 31 January 2022, Monday.

Candelas offers its students the best service in every field that requires English. With this course given with professional English teachers in your field, you will make an excellent contribution to your LAW Career.

Introduction to Legal English

Nowadays, in which legal relations have gained an international dimension, English has become the first language in the field of Law as in all fields. Words, punctuations and intonations may have different consequences in legal practices that have their own language and terms. This has revealed the need for legal professionals who are equipped in many fields to improve themselves in the field of Legal English.

So much so that even in the Turkish Legal System, English terms and patterns are frequently used and applied, and foreign legal terms are adapted to the Turkish Legal System. Contrary to common knowledge, it is not compulsory to have advanced knowledge of English for Legal English education.

Our education aims to teach the participants with intermediate knowledge of English, using English legal terminology, general English legal practice, legal writing and speaking language effectively and practically. In this process, the English Legal language is developed in the most up-to-date manner in accordance with professional development and expectations.

Professional Training

Our Introduction to Legal English Course is open to the participation of practitioners from lawyers, judges, prosecutors, trainees, legal assistants, clerks, legal secretaries, or from all professions working internationally.

- International Law Career

- Contract Law

- Criminal law

- Company Law

- Real Estate Law

- Litigation and Arbitration

- International law

- Comparative Law

- Commercial law

- 50 hours (total)

- Different day and hour alternatives are available on weekdays and weekend groups.

- You will study in VIP private classes for 4 - 6 people.

- Those who wish can take these training in the form of One-to-One PRIVATE courses.

- You can get face-to-face education in Ankara.

- People living outside Ankara can get a quality education in our online virtual classrooms at a level that is similar to the course environment.

Important Reminders

In order to attend this course, you need to have a good level of Basic English and know English at the intermediate level. If you do not have basic English skills, it is recommended to take the General English Course.

Candelas is not a mass education course centre. Therefore, our lessons are given one-to-one or in groups of maximum 6 people. Course days and hours are notified to registered students.

You can take this training with Online Live Lessons. Click to get more information about Online Education.

Students who wish will be given Legal English Education in LONDON for 2 weeks. Thus, you will have a nice holiday and carry your English skills to the highest standards. Also, click for detailed information about our Certified Legal English courses in London.

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