Refund and Cancelation Policy

Refund and Cancelation Policy

Legal Notice

If you are living outside the borders of Turkey, you are liable to the agreement written in English independent of what language you speak or from which country you are from. If you are a Turkish citizen living in Turkey, you are liable to the agreement written in Turkish. If you are a Turkish citizen who is not residing in Turkey, you are still liable to the agreement written in English.

When you sign up and become a member of the MyECO web page and if you do not intend to receive or purchase any products from us, you still agree to the cancellation and refund policies stated herein. Please note this!

MyECO - The Value of The Cancellation and The Refund Policy

MyECO is a social network site and it is also an educational platform which provides you with lessons, exercises and materials to be purchased besides some other free online exercises.

When you purchase educational material or online lessons from us, the cancellation and refund policy will be as stated below:

There will be no alternative method of cancellation or refunding apart from the regulations below. When you buy a service from us, it will be assumed that you have read and understood the Refund and Cancellation Policy and accepted all the terms and conditions.


A ) For Online LIVE Lessons (Online LIVE Group and Private classes)

1-) When you buy a group lesson, we guarantee that your lessons will start on the date mentioned in the course description. Generally, we start a group every 2 weeks on Mondays. When you buy a One-to-One lesson, we guarantee that your lessons will start on the date mentioned in the course description. Generally, we start a One-to-One lesson in a week time.

2-) If the minimum number of students (Usually 4 students) for a new group cannot be reached, we will request that you wait until the next course start date. If we cannot start your course after the 3 (three) course start dates, which is a 6-week period, WE WILL REFUND YOUR PAYMENT IN FULL TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT /CREDIT CARD upon your request, or alternatively you may choose to wait until a group starts

For One-to-One lessons, normally we can start your lesson in a week. However, if we cannot start your course in 15 working days, which is a 3 week period, WE WILL REFUND YOUR PAYMENT IN FULL TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT /CREDIT CARD upon your request or alternatively you may choose to wait until we can start your lesson.

3-) Cancellation of class

a) - If you cancel up until 72 hours before the course start date, you will be refunded 50% of your payment.

b) - If you cancel less than 72 hours before the course start date, you will be refunded 25% of your payment.

c) - If cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the course start date, the full price of the course will be charged and THERE WILL BE NO REFUND!

4-) After the course starts, if you want to cancel for any reason, there will be NO REFUND. However, if you cancel due an event beyond your control such as force majeure, we will happily set the allotted time aside and you can take the course at a later within no more than 3 months. After 3 months starting from your cancellation date, the lesson time will be forfit.

Please remember! We might request you to prove your Force Majeure situation.

5-) Conditions and payments processors above is just to leave the course. If you decide to cancel MyECO courses based only on flaws in management or system and programming problems, you will be refunded the full value. Management, system and programming problems DO NOT include any problems on your side such as internet connections, internet speed, your computer system, your headset and microphone etc. Please remember that you are obliged to prove any problem on our side with screenshots, videos etc.

Planning the lessons, Reorganization of the appointments and the possibility of providing make-up lessons in ONLINE LIVE LEARNING!

A-) For the Group lessons:

For the group lessons, you must follow and attend all the scheduled classes that you bought. If you are absent from group lessons, the lesson will be forfit. However, if you miss a lesson due to a force major such as illness, accident etc, you can buy a one-to-one tutorial at a discounted price to make up for the missed lesson. However, if you are not able to take these discounted one-to-one make-up lessons due to any reason, we will consider that you have received your missing class in full and you will not be refunded for the missing lesson or lessons. Please contact us directly for such a request at

B-) For the one-to-one tutorial:

For the one-to-one lessons, you must follow your scheduled lessons on time. If you are absent from one-to-one lessons, the lesson will be forfit.

However, if you are likely to miss a lesson due to force majeure or illness, travelling etc, you can change the date of your following lesson or lessons by contacting your teacher and MyECO directly.

If you want to change the date of one of your tutorials, please notify the teacher or customer service department of MyECO immediately using the e-mail address at least 12 hours before the lesson. Lessons cancelled without notice will be deducted from the total number of hours allocated to the student.

Please remember you cannot re-schedule more than 20% of your total lesson number. This means for example that if you buy a 25 hour one-to-one course from us, you can change the dates of maximum 5 lessons.

Appendix & Monitory :

Thank you again for trusting us and purchasing this service from us. Please remember the regulations below which have been prepared for your goodness benefit and to protect you from any loss.

Please read CAREFULLY because you need to accept the items below.

1-) Join your lessons on time. Be ready in front of your computer 10 minutes before the lesson starts.

2-) For One-to-One lessons, if you aren't able to join a lesson, you must inform us 12 hours before the lesson start time. In the case of force majeur, we can be flexible until 4 hours before the lesson start time. Otherwise, your lessons not attended will be counted as DONE (completed) and these lessons will be deducted from your total hours.

3-) For the group lessons composed of 2 + students, there is no absenteeism right. The lessons not attended are counted as DONE (completed). Please plan accordingly.

4-) For One-to-One lessons, Your lessons are planned by MyECO together with you and your teacher. You are required to attend your lessons regularly. However, if you have to cancel your lesson due to force majeur or if your teacher needs to re-schedule, you have to re-schedule your lesson within 2 weeks and have make-up lesson. Your teacher will give you several optional days for make-up lessons within this 2 week-period. You have to follow this process very closely because after 2 weeks, you cannot get a make-up lesson and your missing lessons will be counted as DONE (completed).

5-) Your comments, testimonials and feedback about your Teacher, MyECO and the management are important to us. Therefore, please send your feedback to u.

6-) Please remember! Each lesson is 50 minutes. When you purchase 20 hours for example, You will buy 20 lessons composing of 50 minute lesson each. You will have a 10 minute brake which you can plan with your teacher directly.

7-) While doing a refund or sending you an amount of money, MyECO will not be responsible for the wire transfer expenses, commissions and so on applied by the banks, internet based payment systems and so on. Such expenses will be deducted from the amount to be sent to you.

For Online Non-Live COURSES (For Online Practice / Learning Materials and Online Self-Study Packages)

1-) When you buy a package program such as vocabulary learning exercises, video lessons, video grammar lessons, which are online but not LIVE, we guarantee that you will be supported during these lessons. These lessons are internet based programs run on our web site and servers.

2-) The fees for these packages are nonrefundable. When you make a payment, you will not receive any refund normally, except the situation below in item 3.

3-) If you are experiencing any technical problems which are caused by our web site or servers, we guarantee that you will be refunded in full. You must remember that You should prove to us your problem with screen shots and you should be able to show us that the problem occurs with our web site and servers.

Credit Card Information:

MyECO will never keep the Credit Card information of the client. It is not saved in our database. It is under the responsibility of the BANK.

General Fittings

MyECO does not assume any responsibility for the student's facilities (e.g., computer, modem, speakers). In other words, you are solely responsible for the status of your profile and make the necessary technical tests.


MyECO has announced here that the company will not be responsible to any requested amount that the student paid or claims he/she paid for the session or sessions. MyECO only considers the bank data base in terms of money transfers and amounts. There will be no payments to the student/ students out of the above-mentioned refund policies. In addition, the company will not bear any responsibility for MyECO (which uses SSL certificate) on indirect damage to the student/ students from the money transfer process, process of banks and 3rd party web sites.


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