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B1-B2 intermediate level all English grammar, vocabulary, and listening activities

B1-B2 Intermediate Level ENGLISH Grammar and Structures 112 Video lessons include grammar topics, vocabulary exercises, listening activities, and progress tests. Important Notice: You will purchase this course on the UDEMY.com website. You will only follow your courses on the UDEMY.com website.
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B1-B2 Intermediate Level ENGLISH Course - Complete Grammar

In our course, you will learn all the B1 - B2 Intermediate Level English sentence structures and their grammatical usage in different contexts and with rich examples. You will also learn B1-B2 level vocabulary, and you will be at an absolute B2 level upon completing our course.

The strong sides of our course are like below:

  • With slow and clear explanations, you will learn fast and more efficiently.

  • In each video, your teacher will do some activities for you, and then, after each video, you will be directed to do some extra activities in UDEMY to settle down the knowledge you have gained. You will need to watch the videos and do the exercises.

  • Besides these, we add extra study materials to each video periodically. With these additional activities, your language skills will improve stronger.

  • This course targets worldwide people who are learning English and who have some information about A1-A2 Elementary Level. You can check our A1-A2 level English Course if your level is low.

  • This course is the best fit for you if you know some basic English and would like to improve your grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, writing, and naturally SPEAKING skills to B1 - B2 Intermediate Level.

  • After watching the videos and doing the activities (Check SOURCES), you will do extra GRAMMAR, VOCABULARY, LISTENING, WRITING, and READING activities, and naturally, your SPEAKING skills will improve a lot.

  • You will have access to your course lifelong. You can study and learn English whenever you want, wherever you are.

  • After completing the course, you will receive a course completion certificate. You will receive your UDEMY certificate automatically after completion, and you can use it anywhere worldwide.

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