Basic English Grammar And Structures

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221 Review
  1. LM
    Loredana Segarra Morlas
    1 July 2021, Thursday 14:40  


  2. JS
    Jay Prakash Singh
    2 June 2021, Wednesday 12:50  

    Good experience

  3. EH
    Eduardo Francisco Hirota Maeda
    28 February 2021, Sunday 19:01  

    It ´s a good place to start my learning path

  4. YK
    Yougesh Kumari
    28 February 2021, Sunday 19:01  

    It was a very interesting course and l enjoyed it a lot. Especially since l love the English grammar very much.

  5. TT
    Terry Turner
    28 February 2021, Sunday 19:00  

    Yes, this was a great match for me. I am really learning and some of the information is a refresher. Nonetheless, this is a great course.

  6. JC
    Julio Arturo Cruz Suarez
    28 February 2021, Sunday 19:00  

    It was very good initial course.

  7. DN
    Doris Noel
    28 February 2021, Sunday 18:59  

    It was great class but the quiz is too much and the final test, it just be only 10 question not 100, its to much

  8. AV
    Aman Verma
    28 February 2021, Sunday 18:59  

    This English class is good for me to improve my English speaking. you can improve your explanation so that people would understand better.

  9. ML
    Melissa Lueng
    28 February 2021, Sunday 18:59  

    this lecture is more than 20 hours not 6.30 . you need to include the time to do practice test. there was a section for the test or quiz that i could not type in or select for an answer. can i retake this class start all over again? some question i just rush myself to finish just to complete my hour of training. but i need to repeat this class in some of the area in this lecture.

  10. RK
    Rajini Kukathasan
    28 February 2021, Sunday 18:58  

    something is little bit easy for me. good explanations.

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