How Do You Learn ?

How Do You Learn ?

MyECO Online Learning English Platform gives you the opportunity to learn and improve your  English through a very special method.

How does this system work?

- Basic structures are explained briefly and clearly in our video lessons.

- Explanations are supported by plenty of activities and questions which make you commit new structures to memory without forgetting them.

- MyECO adopts a CONTROLLED education model which teaches through a lot of examples including repetitive activities that will prevent you from forgetting the structures and the vocabulary you learn.

- The activities are arranged according to the "spiral approach". In other words, you are going to come across activities related to former structures as you advance through the stages of our course.

- You will encounter a structure that you are going to learn in the following units in the former activities, so your mind will get prepared for those structures beforehand.

- Moreover, you can memorize a lot of words through the exercises you are going to do, and you can learn uses of those words permanently.

- During your individual works, getting an audio-dictionary help which we provide you in your panel will enhance the quality of your education process.

- Thus, you can learn the words by hearing their accurate pronunciation.

- You can improve your listening skills through the "listening" activities that are present in MyECO, also you can enhance your "writing" ability through sentence completion activities and build a solid foundation for your writing ability.

-  Listening activities have been performed by American and British teachers. Therefore, you will learn both pronunciations.

- If you wish, you can study on the MyECO platform individually or you can use it in a classroom environment with other students and a teacher. Our system is appropriate for school environments.

- MyECO does not consist of only video lessons. It offers you a good natural learning method with online live lessons. Therefore, you can have online classes with your teacher and improve your speaking.

- Additionally, you can communicate with other learners and you can exchange information via MyECO Social Network.