Why are our Udemy courses at affordable prices?

The courses we offer you on the UDEMY website are offered for sale at very affordable prices.

The reasons for this are as follows:

- Some of the video lessons in our Udemy courses are available for free on our MyECO Youtube channel. In fact, we don't sell video lessons in our Udemy courses. Instead, you buy the questions and activities that follow each video lesson.

- Please remember. Learning a language without a lot of practice, questions, and activities is impossible. This is what we provide you with in our Udemy courses.

- However, due to the nature of the UDEMY platform, we cannot enter too many activities and questions. Therefore, on average, the questions you will solve and the activities you will do are between 10 - 20 after each video. Thus, you will solve approximately 1500 - 2000 questions in one video course.

- So, by the time you finish a UDEMY course, you will have solved almost 2000 questions, and if you have any questions about them, you will get answers. For all these reasons, our UDEMY courses are offered to you in very economical conditions.


If you have any problems or any questions you want to ask, please let us know via the SUPPORT CENTER. We will be happy to assist!

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