Some Udemy videos are also available on your youtube channel. So what is the difference between Udemy and Youtube?

Some of our video lessons in our Udemy courses are free of charge on our MyECO Youtube channel. So if you wish, you can follow our video lessons on our MyECO Youtube channel.

We don't sell video lessons in our Udemy courses. Instead, you buy the questions and activities that follow each video lesson from us.

Please remember. Learning a language without much practice, questions, or activities is impossible. We provide you with this with our Udemy courses.

On average, the questions you will solve and activities you will do here are 10 - 20 after each video. Thus, you will solve approximately 1500 - 2000 questions in one video course.

So, by the time you finish a UDEMY course, you will have solved almost 2000 questions, and if you have questions about them, you will get answers.

Also, the most crucial difference is that lesson review videos and vocabulary videos are only available on our Udemy courses and not on our MyECO Youtube channel. So, there are more video lessons on Udemy.

We recommend you check our Udemy courses.


If you have any problems or any questions you want to ask, please let us know via the SUPPORT CENTER. We will be happy to assist!

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