Trial Course (One-to-One 4 Lessons)

Trial Course (One-to-One 4 Lessons)


Dear Visitor,

We prepared these DISCOUNTED 4-hour one-to-one Trial Lessons for you to see the MyECO education system and our lessons. In these lessons, our education system will be presented to you. You will learn about how we are teaching. Your level and needs will be determined and the most suitable classes will be recommended to you by your teacher.

This package is a one-to-one PRIVATE English Lesson

Dates and hours of trial lessons will be planned according to your time zone and location. We will arrange your program with you in your most suitable time.

We will contact with you immediately when you purchase this lesson.

Before the lesson, please take the  LEVEL ASSESSMENT TEST which will help us to evaluate your English level.

Before buying a course, Please read our cancellation / Refund Policy.

We wish you success in your studies/lesson.

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Trial Course (One-to-One 4 Lessons)



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