What's MyECO Mission ?

What's MyECO Mission ?

MyECO’s mission is to create the most trustworthy, honest, educational and effective teaching platform on the internet. Compared to many other internet based educational platforms scattered around in the internet world, messed up and lost their trust in the eyes of their clients.

We declare our main aims below;

- MyECO provides you high quality online English Education.

- MyECO protects you so that you will not get lost among the millions of free internet based educational platforms which do not have a curriculum or guidance.

- MyECO guides you to your target. You will attain a high level of English step by step in a controlled methodology.

- MyECO brings high quality English learning service to everyone, including those that do not have the opportunity to study abroad.

- MyECO aims to create an effective alternative for those who cannot attend a traditional language school or who cannot benefit from traditional language schools.

- MyECO follows a programmed instruction model. Our system is effective and we care that you are learning something of value and we track your progress.

- MyECO aims to keep you integrated in English globally with valuable exercises and our global social platform.

- MyECO’s philosophy is to teach you English in your most comfortable atmosphere. (where you want!) 

- You are not limited to Video Lessons. You also have the opportunity to practice your English in virtual classrooms with live teachers.