A1-A2 Elementary Level English E-Book

All grammar structures, vocabulary, writing, and listening activities.

A1-A2 Elementary Level English subjects, grammar topics, vocabulary, and listening exercises are available. You will learn English by practicing a lot. It is 511 pages. This book is supported by video lessons.


VAT included.

Dear Visitor, this book is an English Grammar book for the Turkish market ONLY. If you would like to get more detailed information about our books, please contact us at the e-mail addresses below. Please contact us if you live outside Turkey and need materials to improve your English.

Essential English Grammar A1-A2 Elementary Level E-BOOK

Essential English Grammar A1-A2 Elementary Level

Dear Student and Teacher,

Candelas Essential English Grammar A1-A2 Elementary Level Book;

• Gives the contents using the “Structural Method”. So, you learn grammar structures with lots of practice.

• Explains all basic level subjects in Turkish.

• Explanations are as short, simple, and understandable as possible.

• Plenty of examples are used in the explanations.

• Each Unit is divided into lessons, and questions are added after each lesson to make it easier for you to learn.

• The vocabulary in the examples and activities is carefully selected and covers all the words you can use at the basic level.

• By doing the activities, you learn not only grammar but also vocabulary.

• Natural learning model is applied with lots of listening activities.

• You learn correct pronunciation by doing listening activities about the subject and vocabulary you have learned.

• Your listening skills improve, and this strengthens your speaking skills.

• You can easily learn English by yourself by watching Udemy course videos.

• Udemy course videos are presented to you separately in Turkish and English narration.

• Since you own this book, you can buy lecture videos with a discount of up to 90%.

• Our book is suitable for use in high school 9th ​​and 10th grades, universities, university preparatory classes, English courses, and private lessons.

• Our book covers all A1-A2 Basic Level Topics in Global Curriculums.

• Our book covers all A1-A2 Basic Level Skills determined by the European Language Criteria.

• We recommend that you finish our Candelas Essential English Reading A1-A2 Basic Level Reading and Listening book with or after this book.

All your suggestions and criticisms about our book are valuable to us. You can forward your questions and comments to us through the following communication channels.

Candelas Team

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