A1-A2 Elementary Level English Reading E-Book

Reading, vocabulary, writing, listening and speaking activities

Our A1 & A2 Elementary Basic Level Essential English Reading E-book contains 50 A1 - A2 Elementary Basic Level reading texts. Your English skills improve with the listen and read feature and listening activities.


VAT included.

About A1 & A2 Elementary Level Essential English Reading E-Book 

English Reading Book


Dear Student and Teacher;

Our E-Book

- Smartboard compatible. You can study in a classroom setting.

- It is mobile compatible. You can study on your phone.

- Suitable for teachers who teach Online Courses.

- Contains 50 A1 – A2 Elementary Level reading texts.

- The topics are fun and informative as well as up-to-date.

- The strongest feature of our book is that it includes quality listening and writing activities.

- Your English skills will improve with the read-and-listen feature and many listening activities.

- Our book contains more than 600 target vocabulary "Target Words," and these words are taught with different activities.

- It is ensured that the grammatical topics that are repeated in the text are reinforced in the questions.

- With reading skills development techniques and exercises, both your vocabulary and your reading comprehension capacity will increase.

- You can get our book individually and do listening activities while reading. You can check yourself with the answer key.

- It is fully compatible with the middle school and high school curriculum and can be used as an additional activity book in the 9th / 10th-grade classrooms, accompanied by a teacher. It includes all the gains determined by the curriculum.

- Fully compliant with the Common European Language Framework. For this reason, it can be used in University English Preparatory Schools and English Courses.

All your suggestions and criticisms about our book are valuable to us. You can forward your questions and comments to us through our communication channels.

Candelas Team

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