B1-B2 Intermediate Level English Reading E-Book

Reading, vocabulary, writing, listening and speaking activities

Our B1 & B2 Intermediate Level Essential English Reading E-book contains 50 B1 - B2 Intermediate Level reading texts. Your English skills will improve with the listen and read feature and listening activities.


VAT included.

B1 & B2 Essential English Reading Intermediate Level E-Book

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We are pleased to present our B1 & B2 Intermediate Level Essential English Reading e-book to your service.

  • Our Essential English Reading book is not just a reading book!
  • Our book consists of the most up-to-date topics and 50 B1 - B2 Intermediate Level paragraphs.
  • The text topics are fun and informative, as well as being up to date.
  • The most powerful feature of our book is quality listening and writing activities.
  • Your English skills will improve with the listen-and-read feature and several listening activities.
  • Our book contains more than 750 target vocabulary. "Target Words" are taught with different activities.
  • Grammatical structures used in the texts are repeated frequently; therefore, you will learn them permanently.
  • With the techniques and exercises to develop your reading skills.  Your vocabulary and reading comprehension skills will undoubtedly increase.
  • You can study our book individually and do the listening activities while reading. You can check yourself with the answer key.
  • Our book is fully compatible with the EU curriculum and can be used in the 10th grade / 11th-grade classrooms of the countries where English is taught as a second language.
  • You can use our book in a classroom, accompanied by a teacher, as an additional activity book. It contains all the achievements determined by the EU curriculum.
  • Our book fully complies with the European Common Language Framework. For this reason, it can be used in University English Preparatory Schools and English Language Schools globally.

Any suggestions and criticisms about our book are valuable to us. You can send your questions and comments to us through our communication channels below.

Candelas Team

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