How can I manage the English Level Assessment Test for Companies and Institutions package I have purchased?

All your purchased corporate placement tests will appear on your Education Platform page.

Click on the Product Details link. You will see all the information about your package on the page.

Candidate Operations : This is where you can change your institution / company settings and follow your candidates.

Your exams run on a domain name (domain) such as your institution' Your candidates have their exams on this domain name specially created for you. Therefore, they do not need to enter the MyECO web page. This domain name is determined according to your company / organization name, and the system is activated immediately.

CHANGE LOGO : You can add the logo of your organization / company by clicking this button. This logo you uploaded will appear on your private organization' address where your candidates will take the exam.

ADD CANDIDATE : Register the candidate whose English level you want to assess by clicking this button. First, enter the candidate's name, surname, e-mail address, phone number, and password required to take the exam. Then, click the ADD CANDIDATE button. Please make sure to enter a valid e-mail address. Exam information will be sent to your candidate's e-mail address.

SENDING EXAM TO CANDIDATE AND DETAILS : Click on the candidate whose details you want to see in the list. On the page that opens, you will see all your candidate's information about his/her exam completion status. For a candidate who has not yet started the exam, you can e-mail the exam entry information and a reminder specific to the candidate. For this, click SEND EXAM INFORMATION TO CANDIDATE button along with personal information.

The candidate clicks on the exam link in this e-mail and enters his/her e-mail address and the password sent to him/her on the page that opens and passes the 1st stage to take the exam and is asked to turn on the computer camera. If the camera is not available, the candidate CANNOT enter the exam. Due to exam security, the candidate cannot enter the exam from a mobile, tablet, or device other than a desktop computer or laptop. The candidate who provides his/her camera takes his/her own photo through the system and starts the exam. Due to exam security, the camera MUST be turned on during the exam period. If he/she turns off his/her camera during the exam, the exam stops itself, and when he/she provides his/her camera, he/she continues the exam again from the question and time he/she left. The exam duration is 45 minutes. For exam security reasons, the candidate's photo is taken at indefinite intervals from the camera for 45 minutes. When the candidate completes the exam, it shows as completed on your system.

You can see all the detailed information about the candidate who has completed the exam, the total number of questions solved, the number of correct and incorrect questions, the English level, the answers given in the exam, the photos taken by the system during the exam and the interview, if any, by clicking on the candidate you want to see in the listing.

You can track the total number of exams used and the remaining on your panel. Then, when your package is over, you can continue using it by purchasing a new one.

Payment Details : It provides the payment information you have made for your product. You can print or download it, but it is not a valid invoice. When your invoice for your payment is uploaded to the system, you can access it from this area.

Sales Contract : the sales contract between you and Candelas Education Consulting Co.


If you have any problems or any questions you want to ask, please let us know via the SUPPORT CENTER. We will be happy to assist!

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